Why my terrain generator does not work?



The component shows normal, but it never generates any 3D model. all outputs show Null.


Hi @Ziao,

I have updated “terrain generator”. It does not work because you need to add a Google API key.
You can download the latest version of component here: Lb terrain generator for Rhino6



Dear Antonello,

I downloaded the version that you provided. I tried to use MapQuestAPI, but it shows please try again, you lost some data.

terrain generator.gh (390.7 KB)


Hi @Ziao,

there was a small bug, I have fixed it.
Could you try this file?
terrain generator_fixedDNA.gh (388.7 KB)



Dear Antonello,

Thank you so much. It works. But the generated mesh is not perfect. Is it because that it lacks some map information in the web source?


Hi @Ziao,

yes, it is. If you analyze the body of the response you can see:

You could try also JawgMaps API or Google API for elevation data.