Why negative values in radiation analysis?

Hello All, @chris @devang

I am running a very simple radiation analysis on the ladybug legacy version but suddenly I am facing few problems which I never came across.

Problem 1: Receiving negative values in the radiation analysis for a few test points.

Problem 2: As soon as I disconnect the Ladybug_DOY_HOY component, I am getting the following error.

I am uploading the grasshopper file for your reference.Radiation Analysis.gh (468.2 KB)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @tarun0949 . I have edited your script with a mesh component. Try running this file. Radiation Analysis_Revised.gh (461.3 KB)

Facing a similar issue with radiation on trimmed surfaces.

Yes, but it should work with BREP too. And wht could be the possible reasons for the negative values?

There is something with your geometry. If you connect all of it to the geometry input, you get the analysis done. The window trimmed surfaces (Those with the hole punched) are the “guilty” ones.

Thanks, @AbrahamYezioro. I understood, but I don’t know why sometimes it gives an error (1. Solution exception:‘int’ object has no attribute ‘GetBoundingBox’) and sometimes it runs fine. Is there any bug associated with the ladybug component? And what could be the possible reasons for “Problem 2”.

I recreated your analysis geometry. It takes less than a minute to do that. And everything works. As @AbrahamYezioro mentioned, there were issues with your geometry. Sometimes the solutions are the simplest ones.

Radiation Analysis.gh (466.1 KB)

@devang thank you so much.