Why the DGP result is too small when I use the DCimagebase to calculate?


Hi, @mostapha
Sorry for the trouble again,I tried to use the DCimagebase to calculate the DGP,but the result value is too small too unreasonable,I am very puzzled.


We need more information to be able to help you.

  • Can you share the images?
  • Did you set the parameters correctly?
  • Does the image missing a source of light?
  • Why do you expect a higher value?
  • What is your point of comparison?

I can go on and on but let’s start addressing these questions first.

cc: @sarith


I’m sorry that it is not detailed enough of the description of my question,the .gh file I uploaded.
The DGP value is so low,just 0.006 about,that looks unnormally.But when I use the 3-Phase recipe to calculate the UDI,the UDI_more displayed a high value,the result is more realistic,so I am suspicious of that if it is correct of the DC recipe .


ICtrl_DGP_control - 2.gh (712.7 KB)
office-2.3dm (50.8 KB)