Why would my angled shading geometry give an error when writing IDF?


I have been trying to solve this problem I’ve been having regarding writing my IDF file. I had found that it was within my shading geometry going through the HB_ContextSurfaces component.

I discovered that when my generated sun shades were at 0 degrees the IDF file would be fine, then as soon as I set any angle to the shading the error occurred.

Has anyone had or read about a similar issue? If so it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out or link me to the thread.

Thank you!!!

@pauldarling ,

I would assume that this is not an issue with your geometry or the export process to IDF. Rather, that “Import IDF” component is under the WIP section for a pretty good reason, which is that we really didn’t know how to make a good importer when we first made that component and, as a result, it fails easily. The import code that I have in the works for the next version of the plugin will be a lot more robust.

If you want to do a sanity check on your geometry given what you have available now, I would suggest importing your IDF (or OSM if you use the OpenStudio component) into the OpenStudio Application. They have a 3D visualizer that works pretty well. If you do this, I am willing to bet your geometry is all ok in the IDF.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response. I checked my geometry in openstudio and it seems to work!