Wind Chill Index (WCI) reference

Hi everyone,
Ladybug ThermalComfortIndices can calculate the “*Wind Chill Index (WCI), derived from original work carried out by Gregorczuk[1]. *
[1], equation 55, page 6-113
The reference is no longer availeble on the link.
Do someone has this reference ? Maybe @chris ?
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I don’t know where that reference is now. @djordje had originally found that reference and he might have some ideas. If we find it we should also update it in the SDK docs here

Hi @MatteoFBC , @chris ,
The upper reference link was not posted by me.
In the 'Ladybug Thermal Comfort Indices" component’s code, there is a reference:
Gregorczuk 1976
For each Thermal Comfort Index in that component, there should be a paper behind it (at least I hope I did it that way), but PC which stored them, is long gone.

A google search mentioning the “Gregorczuk 1976”, pointed me to this publication:
Bioclimatic principles of recreation and tourism in Poland by Krzysztof Blazejczyk

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Thanks @chris @djordje for your answers, the reference should be indeed:

GREGORCZUK M., 1976, O wielkości ochładzania na obszarze Polski, Czasopismo Geograficzne, 47, 3, pp. 255–263.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on the web (and even if I do I doubt that I could read it, since it doesn’t seem in English…)

It seems to be a very specific version of WCI the one that Ladybug can calculate, since the windchill index is commonly attributed to Siple & Passel, 1945

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Also the Temperature Humidity Index (THI) for Taiwan and the Effective Temperature (TE) references are unclear to me, since among the various references available on the web and on scientific literature no one seems fitting to the description and the calculation method described in Ladybug code. Do you have more information about these 2 indices as well @djordje @chris ?

Hi @Matteo,
Both indices have originally been released under the “Thermal Comfort Indices” component.
Here are their authors/location’s where they have been taken from in component’s source code:

Temperature Humidity Index
Effective Temperature

Sadly, no mentioned of the specific publication is given, and I doubt I remember which publications were then.

Try googling the names. For example googling the THI from upper source code, I found this publication:

High-temperature indices associated with mortality and outpatient visits: Characterizing the association with elevated temperature

And from there the source for the THI index finally leads to:
Rosenberg N.J., Verma S.B., Blad B.L. Human and animal biometeorology. Microclimate: The Biol Environ. 1983:425–467.

Do not expect to have access to all of these publications as some of them are decades old, may not have been digitized even by google books, or accessible through subscription. In my opinion, having a textual reference as upper one is still better than nothing.

I would advise you using the same principle for any other thermal comfort index - look through the “Thermal Comfort Indices” component source code, find the author/location of the index under its respective function (all of them have this information), and then google for the publication.


Many thanks @djordje !
The reference for the THI was correct, the formula of the script is the same.

Regarding TE, it’s the NET (Net Effective Temperature) by Gregorczuk (WMO, 1972; Hentschel, 1987) described in “Application of a weather stress index for alerting the public to stressful weather in Hong Kong” by Li & Chan, 2020 the one that Ladybug calculates.

I therefore advice to correct the references for THI and NET and maybe to delate the WCI from the script (even if it’s a little bit drastic solution…), since it’s an outdated index without available reference and since it could be easily mistaken with Siple and Passel’s version, leading to possible errors by the users.