Wind profile failed to load

The wind profile component throws an error when I place it on the canvas. The error is:

  1. Solution exception: Failed to import ladybug: cannot import windprofile from ladybug

I’m using LB 1.6, Rhino 7 on Windows 11.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hi @Crashnorun
I’m not having the same problem, which makes me think its a version issue or a problem with the epw file, can you share the epw?

Hi @TrevorFedyna Thanks for the reply I’ve attached the weather file as well as a sample GH file. The wind profile component throws an error even if it’s not connected to anything. (251.3 KB)
Wind Profile (28.5 KB)

No problem @Crashnorun, it looks like the epw isn’t the issue

perhaps using the LB Versioner component or the single click installer and see if that doesn’t do the trick?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 1.6.0 to no avail. I’m starting to get errors on some of the other Ladybug components as well.