Wind Rose Histagram - Keeping Monthly Data Tree as well as the Direction & Wind Speed

In an effort to eliminate 12 different wind roses for each month, i’ve plugged in the each monthly period to the wind rose component and created 12 different wind roses, but when i went to the histogram to pull the wind speed by month and direction i noticed that it takes those 12 monthly values and then mass translates them into the 16 different values by the wind rose directions.

Here’s a photo of the inherited values for the LB Deconstruct Matrix

Here’s the output for the LB Deconstruct Matrix

Is there any way to keep those directions and windspeeds in their monthly structure.

Thank you.


The histogram output is in the form a grasshopper data tree, with each wind rose represented as a branch. One way to deconstruct histograms from multiple wind roses is therefore to use the “Explode Tree (BANG!)” component which will extract all branches from a tree:

Unfortunately the visualization automatically plots multiple analysis datasets in separately distanced plots, but at this point, won’t do that for multiple analysis periods, so the visualization of this is a little messy.