Wind Speeds in HB UTCI Component in the latest Version

Hello guys,

I have a question regarding the component that calculates the UTCI through Honeybee. Whenever I connect the wind speed from the EPW file component, it gives an error, while it works fine if I do not connect it.(Please see attached screenshot). Also, the component “Wind Boundary Profile” that was present in previous versions for adjusting wind speeds from EPW file to urban terrains at lower heights has no replacement in the new version of ladybug? Is this kind of wind adjustment now done automatically inside the HB UTCI component?



The workflow in your screenshot is the right way to do it and it’s a bug that the component does not accept it. Thanks for finding and reporting the issue, @regwan , and I just pushed a fix:

You can get the fix on your end with the LB Versioner component.

That is correct. We’ve had a wind profile component on our development agenda for a while and we’ll definitely get to it eventually. You’ll know that it has been implemented when this issue is closed.

Essentially yes. Maybe we didn’t make this clear enough in the past but the UTCI model always expects to have the input wind speed be at meteorological height (10 m above the ground). So, if you actually have air speed measurements at ground/human subject level, you have to multiply them by 1.5 if you want to be able to input them to the UTCI model correctly. This factor of 1.5 is just what the team developing the UTCI model decided they would use as their conversion factor between ground and meteorological speed. So it kinda makes the need for a detailed wind profile function unnecessary when using the UTCI model.

Thank you so much Chris for your prompt reply to my post! Truly appreciated.

This is extremely helpful. And I am glad we were able to discover a bug, so it can be fixed.

Thanks a lot.