Wind temperatures from a weather file

Hi there,

Wondering if there is there a way to get the wind temperatures from a weather file in Honeybee/Ladybug?

The reason I’m asking is that I’m trying to assess on a high level whether integrating wind cooling/ventilation techniques into a hot weather would actually be an advantage or disadvantage, so thought I could look at wind temperatures or a similar variable.


Hello Farah,

You can get the dry and wet bulb temperature and the wind speed directly from .EPW file.
Maybe you need to convert these physical values to an human’s comfort metric.
Or try to find an relationship to heat exchange witch considers the wind.

Considering you aim:
Hot weathers can have a lot of solutions based in humid.
Example, in my country it’s comprehended to use natural and mechanical ventilation for hot and humid climates. After some point, mechanical cooling (VAC) will be the only possible way. In this case the natural ventilation is an advantage.