Wind tunnel too big?

I’m trying to do a wind simulation on a skyscraper with bounding box dimensions of 46x46x254m. What bothers me is that the wind tunnel seems too big to me, its dimensions are 1570x4618x762m.
In tunnel parameters, windward, top and side extensions are set to 3, while leeward side is set to the default value of 15. Only the height of the wind tunnel makes sense (3x254=762) while the rest don’t.
Anyone knows what could be the problem?
Thanks :slight_smile:

@stefan the wind tunnel is automately generated by AIJ guideline using the height of building as the parameter. If you think it is too big,you can use this compotent to adjust.


Thanks a lot for the clarification! I wasn’t aware that the height of the building is the only parameter taken into consideration, it makes much more sense now.