I am trying to calculate an annual consumption of a room as shown below, but I face this error:
The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** IP: IDF line~1049 Invalid Number in Numeric Field#1 (View Factor to Ground), value=WINDEXPOSED, in BUILDINGSURFACE:DETAILED=R2F1
Thanks for recommendations.

Hi, @EhsanFouladi
Acoording to your description, your geometry is curved surface. It is very diffculty to handle it using EnergyPlus. I suggest you simplity the geometry to some panel.

Based on the error this is an error in how the surfaces are written to idf file.

  1. Which component are you using to run the energy simulation? (EnergyPlus or OpenStudio)

  2. What is the version of EnergyPlus or OpenStudio? I wonder if this is because the new schema that was also causing import issues. cc: @chris