Window glazing system report

Hello everyone

I was wondering how to import the content of a LBNL WINDOW text ‘detailed report’ in Honeybee. I used the ‘Honeybee_Import Window Glz System component’, but it only works when reading a *.txt file that contains layers of glazing and gaps. If the *.txt file contains a shade, the component doesn’t work and the following message appears: 'Solution exception: ‘NoneType’ object is unsubscriptable. Maybe, I just don’t know what component to use. I hope somebody can help me since I’m just starting in HB.

Another question is how to read an ‘energyPlus BSDF IDF file’ in Honeybee to run an energyplus simulation. Currently, I have a BSDF IDF file exported by Window that is formed by a perforated screen placed 0.60m in front of a double clear glazing system. But, how can I assign this bsdf idf file to a facade? Is it possible to set the bsdf idf file to a childsurface by using an EPConstrucion?

Many thanks in advance. I’ll appreciate any help you could give me.