Window group states and sensor



Dear all,

I have a quick question about window group states and sensor: in Honeybee [+] we can use 1 sensor (from analysis grid) to control multiple window groups. But can we have multiple sensor to control multiple window groups? Sensor 1 reading controls Window Group 1, Sensor 2 reading controls Window Group 2, etc.?

For example for a huge rectangle floor plan, there are 4 window groups (one on each side E W N S) with shade at 2 states (shade down, shade up). The goal is no direct sun light can hit the window at any time. If we place 1 sensor on each perimeter mid point inside of the glass, and define illu>5000 lux as “direct sunlight hits the sensor”, ideally East sensor can pull the East shade down if its reading exceeds 5000, same for the other 3 directions. East sensor reading can not affect the control of West North South shades. Is this feasible in simulation?


Question about window group definition for interior shade, glass, exterior shade setting

Hi @Xiufang,

If I understand your problem correctly your study is a one to one relationship between each sensor and each window. In such cases you can get the values for each sensor separately and then generate the blind states using larger than and smaller than components. Afterwards you can put them back together to generate the final blind schedule combination.


Thanks @mostapha! Yes your understanding is right, it is a one to one relationship between sensor and each window. So I can get sensor - set logic - get blind states for each sensor/shade, and then connect 4 blind states all together to annualMetrics to read the final combined blind effect on annual reading?

If so I will test and report back here. Thanks!



Yes. But you need to merge 4 blindstates into a single tuple so annual metrics can parse it correctly. You can use text format or concatenate component for that purpose.