Window shade generator (sometimes) won't output HB object


And thanks for all the great work. I’m having the following problem with the HB window shade generator.

Ive been trying to produce shading and discovered that the different versions behave differently - same input given. The concern is that the newer version seems to not produce any HB objects while the old one did. When using version .58 and setting it up as can be seen in the “first error…” file below I am able to succesfully produce a HB object.

However: Why am I not able to produce a HB object when using _numofShds? I can only get it to work using _distBetween. Why is this? This is my main question, the following one is a possible bug report.

When using the exact same setup as used in the .58 version that did produce a HB object on the .60 version it will not produce anything at all. And when I have them both in the canvas simultaneously (I realize its a sketchy thing to have two versions of stuff at the same time) the .58 gives me another error about materials input and EPfenSurface, as it turns red. This can be seen in the other file I input submitted.

What should I try?

first error (634 KB)
shade generator (567 KB)


You are right that the previous version performed a bit different than the new one. Though the component was updated quite a few months ago.

The actual one, allows almost (if not all) the possibilities of shade definitions allowed in E+.

Saying that, your file works fine with me AFTER i updated ALL components (with the updater). Notice that, depending which shading option you choose, the geometry produced here will or not be part of the E+ simulation. In any case you can see the shadeBreps output, that will give you the geometry you are asking for. If you want to use it in the simulation you have to use it as a context. Otherwise E+ will use a blind/shade object (not geometry).

Hope this makes clear things for you. If not … ask again.


Hi Ludvig,

The writeEPObjs_ input was set to Tree access, rather than Item access, which was generating the error. I checked the most updated version of this component, and it doesn’t have this checked off, so I’m not sure why it was set that way.

See attached file for working versions of your examples. (545 KB)

Whoops, I guess Abraham and I were responding to this at the same time!

Anyway, Abraham’s suggestion should also be correct.


Thanks for your help, but I feel that Im not there yet. I will try to simplify and rephrase the issue so that it is more clear.

I am not looking to use the component to produce shadeBreps for normal context, as I need the material properties of the shade to work. The setup I use here to exemplify me not getting OBJ output in version .60 is straight from the hydra example file for the shade generator.

What could be the cause of this? Are you getting the same output as me?

Thanks for your time!

EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator version (471 KB)
EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator version (480 KB)

Hey Ludvig, try the example file I attached in my previous post, it produces a HBObjWShades for the latest version of Honeybee.

I see Saran and i were responding at the same time … again … :slight_smile:

The reason the input was set to Tree is becouse of the change of input numbers. Becouse you didn’t reinstalled the component you see the definition for the new one without beign updated. In short, reinserting is the correct answer.


Haha, yes, I’m sure we’ve thoroughly confused Ludvig. That being said, I found it helpful to read about your reasoning tackling the same problem, I think I’m better for it.