Window Shade Generator with Open Studio same Lighting values

Hello everyone,

I am trying to do a multizone energy simulation using Open Studio. I want to assess the impact of different glazing ratios in combination with different shading systems on the total energy performance. I want to assess the effect of interior blinds, electrochromatic glazing and exterior shading panels. In order to do this, I followed the same workflow as Chris Mackey:,-4.5238992483202765

However, for some reason, I get the same values for electric lighting regardless if I add shading or not. I am very confused and I spent a lot of time trying to fix this, but I am lost.

You can find the .gh file and the rhino geometry under the wetransfer link below. Please help me, I am trying for a week now to make it work and I don`t know what the problem is.

I deeply appreciate any sort of help/ suggestion!


Though I’m doing a different flow, the problem I meet is the same with you. The output is the same no matter I add the construction or not. Hope you will solve the problem soon.

I hope so too… I tried everything. Also tweaking the energy sim parameters/ shadowPar wont change anything. I dont know what to do :frowning:

I suggest to create a MUCH more simplified case. Trying to check a simplified case of 48 zones is not real (for me). Started to do so, but is taking me much more time than what i have (sorry for that).
I’m sure that you can show the same behaviour with a simple box with a window on one side.


I know you would say that… The reason why I did this is because I have different zones with different functions that require different ventilation rates & internal loads and I wanted to assess the energy balance, daylight and thermal comfort accurately for a residential floor. However, even if I cut down a lot from the code and I get the same values, I checked it. So I am pretty sure it is not because of the geometry.

I think the issue is that I have no lighting schedule and OS calculates the electric light demand according to that. To generate a lighting schedule I need to run a Daylight simulation which would imply to use the Dynamic Shading because the Control Set Point is ignored in case I use the Window Shade Generator.

I will still try to solve this. Thank you anyways.

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Still think that you can check those aspect with only 1 zone and not 48. When you solve it for one you solve it for all of them.
My comment was related to the amount of effort people need to invest here in order to help. You’ll get much more responses with simple cases.

But … maybe this is just me.

No, I get your point and it`s totally understandable. I will work on simplifying everything. Then I will come back here with another simple model asking the question again. Thank you

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Maybe you should run annual daylight analysis and create new schedule for lighting. Here is a example made by @mostapha.

Hi @minggangyin,
Thank you for the suggestion. I was thinking the same thing, that I have to assign a new lighting schedule to the zones. However, I would have to use the dynamic shading group in this case in order to do the daylight analysis while taking into consideration also shading. But, now I am thinking that the lighting schedule is actually not affected by the shading, only the heating and cooling loads. Cause the shading will not be activated if there isn`t sufficient daylight.

I am a bit confused, correct me if I`m wrong. The lighting loads with or without shading should be the same, only the heating and cooling loads change depending on the solar gains.