Window shade generator

good evening:

iam working on simple model and an error appered to me while i am generate window shading.

this error appeared while i am changing the number of shading from 2 to any higher value.
I hope you to know how i fix it

Thank you (629 KB)


Could you share the file please? I could take a look.


Hi ,
First, Thank you for fast response
I attached it in the discussion.


Needed to update the component. Works now.

-Devang (629 KB)

Thank you bro :slight_smile:
it is really working now
but i have another answer if you have time to reply
if i have different shading pattern and i wanna make it as shading object .
which component will be suitable for this proces

Hi Ahmed,

If you have custom shading object and want to test its use then you may look into Honeybee_Ep Context Surfaces.

If you want to test shading options in Honeybee, then you may look into Honeybee_Energy Shade Benefit Evaluator.

For any studies involving testing of multiple shading designs, my first choice would be Ladybug_Comfort Shade Benefit Evaluator.