Window shades generator syntax for DGI?

Hello! I think this is a small question. I’m fiddling with the newly-exposed daylight glare-index driven controls in the EP Window Shades Generator (shadeCntrlType 15). In the input tooltip you specify that:

…you should specify a list of 2 values that includes the DGI as a first value and a vector for the second value, which represents the direction that the occupant view is facing.

I’ve messed around with different syntax formats for that list, but with no success yet. (here: (762.3 KB) And I checked your example script on Hydra, but you weren’t using the DGI functionality there. Does anyone have a quick example of the complete definition?


@NickNovelli ,
I haven’t uploaded an example of the DGI shade control to hydrashare but I turned your example into one ( (604.4 KB)).

I also included a visualization of where the occupant is looking and a chart that shows you the solar gain in the space is reduced when this glare shade control is active:

Keep in mind that EnergyPlus’s DGI is simple and is only calculated within the horizontal plane of vision so it won’t affect your skylight shade control at all. If you want that to be controlled by glare, you’ll need to run an annual glare simulation with the daylight components and plug in the resulting CSV for your shade schedule.


Thanks Chris! Solved. You know what it was? I had wired the list through a panel. That’s one of the first things anyone ever told me NOT to do in GH…but I’ve been getting sloppy.

Point taken about the lack of overhead DGI control. Up until this point I’ve been using your Radiance workflow, but I am eager to see what e+ comes up with, now that you exposed it.