Window U-Value does not apply

Please forgive my poor english. I am having problems simulating the energy balance of a floor (single zone) when i add u-value to the EP window material. I will add 4 screenshots to better explain the problem. Let me take the cooling load for example. When i supply the Honeybee_energyPlus Construction component with the correct u value (with a customized Honeybee_Energyplus window material, it changes the cooling load from 51.18 to 33.79 kWh/m2. This seems right at first, but when I try to change the u-value, the result of the cooling load is always 33.79kWh/m2. Meaning the HB_EP Construction Component changes the energy Balance, but it doesnt use the actual u-value I use. I have tried changing it to 0.33 and 2.0 but the cooling load remains 33.79kWh/m2. This results in wrong results, and making a conclution out of this would be innaccurate. I don’t know the u-value grasshopper uses before or after i add the HB_EP Construction Component. I want to be able to use specific u-values and vary these in different simulation. I would also like to know if there is a component that tells you what u-value is being used in the simulation. Am I using the wrong Components in grasshopper or connecting them to the wrong Component?

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Daniel S. Bakke

Hello.I am not sure that this was the reason but did you reenabled the window component before running,it may be because of that your window component reads the previous amount for u value.

I have not tried this. How do I reenable it? Thank you for your answer.

just right click on center of component and select enabled,this situation the component will disabled and again right click on center of component and click enabled again


The u-value still have no impact on the calculation of the heating or cooling load unfortunataly.

Maybe there is some elements I have not connected in the simulation components that should be used to take the u-value into account?