Window wins on the upper side of the facade

I´ve been working on this model to calculate heating and cooling consumption optimizing building shape but the wins appear on the upper side of the facade even though the room is 2.75m height (I left the default height win=2m)
Thanks in advance,

alternativa (94.6 KB)

Hi, @PatriciaEdithCampore

Maybe you can give a number to the “_sill_height” input of the “HB Apertures by Ratio” component so that you can define the height of the windows above the bottom edge of the face.

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Thanks S_hertz! I´ll try though this is the first time it happens to me.

it didn´t work, I don´t know why

The window height takes precedence over the sill height. So, if you want windows at the top of the wall, drop the window height to a low number and the sill height to a high number.

Also note that the _ratio takes precedence over everything else. So you might have to change that if it’s not what you expect.

Hi Chris, thanks for your response.
As the window wins appear at the upper side I think the command prioritizes sill height instead of changing window width keeping the upper and lower limits which is what I have expected.