Windows are doors in OSM

Hi there,

I have an older model in HB Legacy. I have been running into a fatal error stating that the required property ‘construction_name’ is missing for my glazing surfaces.

When investigating further in the OSM, I have realized that most of my window surfaces are categorized as “Door” instead of “FixedWindow” (in Spaces->Subsurfaces->Surface Type). I thought it was a matter of the width:height ratio, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. There is one zone (out of 10 with windows) where this problem doesn’t occure for the same sizes of windows as in all the other zones.

Once I change the surface category in the OSM interface, I am able to sun the simulation from there without getting the error.

Has anybody encountered this? What can I do to eliminate this problem?

UPDATE: it seems to be working with the Run Energy Simulation component. in the .idf file, all the windows are set to windows. I would like to run it through the OS later due to HVAC systems

@zdenom ,

I am unable to recreate the issue on my end and all Honeybee-Legacy sub-faces are being translated to FixedWindows in OpenStudio:

Are you using the latest version of the legacy plugin on Food4Rhino? And what version of OpenStudio are you using? Is it 2.9? If upgrading Ladybug Tools and OpenStudio does not fix it, please upload a sample file that helps us recreate the issue.