Windows created irregularly on an energay model


I have been working on energy modelling in Honeybee.
When an energy model is created, the model sometimes has its windows irregularly as this video also shows (refer to
I was just wondering how those kinds of irregular windows could be fixed.

Thank you

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Hi @Syo,

You can use the Honeybee_addHBGlz component to ad custom window shapes.

The zone has to be just a simple BREP (without window)
The window just a simple surface or trimmed surface.

Thank you very much for replying.
In addition to your advice, I have found that the videos ( are helpful. The videos could provide flexibility of the geometry to be used with the Honeybee_addHBGlz component.
Thank you.

It could be a way but I prefer working with breps instead of surfaces, and letting honeybee define what will be a roof and what will be a floor with the solve adjacencies component. It keeps definitions clean.
With simple brep I ment just a plane brep without window geometry. This can also be a complex geometry.

Thank you for the explanation.