Windows Frame design and internal shading elements in Radiance

I am carrying out SDA simulations with Radiance, I used the “box” methodologies for the model and applied windows as coplanar surfaces.
I then used the Honeybee_Radiance Glass Material to assign light transmittancy properties.
I am wondering how the frame is considered in the calculation, is it assumed as an opaque percentage of the whole surface?
If so, is it possible to:

  1. check what percentage of windows is considered frame
    2.change that percentage according to windows design

For more accurate point in time Daylighting calculations would it be possible to model the actual window design, in terms for instance of:
A. glazed panel (100% glass)
B. frame
Assigning properties to both elements?

For internal shading elements, such us pillars or fixed forniture, can I use the same components as for external shading?
Thanks in advance for your attention and support