Windows missing + LBHB general question

Hi there !

I’m a bit new on this part of Grasshopper, although I’ve already been stalking quite some times.

While making a test case project to compare some results with other softwares that my office uses, I’ve encountered really surprising result when trying to add windows onto HBZones. Five windows are missing.
I found files on Hydra telling me that I’m doing the right thing… But maybe have I missed something?
Even when using Hydra’s file on my geometry, it doesn’t work. I’ve then redrawn my geometry, but I’m still missing windows…

Here are the file and the screen. (566.8 KB)

The second definition (under the black line) is more a general question.
Is there a reason for Honeybee not to uses the datatree structures?

Thanks in advance for any help or direction you could throw at me.

The windows are being punched alright.

Please make sure the Rhino unit is meters and tolerance is at least 0.01

This is really upto the user. Users with a good knowledge of datatrees have used it. From looking at your work, you seem to have good understanding of datatrees.

Hey, thanks for your answer but I’m afraid there is still a problem !

I noticed that the windows pass through that component, but if you connect the output “walls” to the custom preview, you should see window holes in the walls, and this is not the case in this file for some reasons… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Good to know, thank you for the info !
I thought this could lead to errors in HBZones !

Please offset the windows that are touching the floor by a small distance such as 0.05 or 0.1 meters.

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Waw, thank you very much sir ! :slight_smile:
I raised them up by 0.01 meter, works fine now.