Windrose Avg Hrs Removed?

After updating to Ladybug Version 1.1.0 i noticed that the Frequency by direction and Average Windspeed outputs have been removed.

Im trying to find the average windspeed by direction so i used the “Angles” output and then deconstructed the wind direction data only to find that wind direction angels can be all over the place.

I’m looking for the best solution to grab the Average wind velocity by direction.


That’s right, we removed the “freq_by_dir” and “avg_by_dir” outputs in the latest update to this component. This is because both of these values can be derived easily from the “histogram” output, (which contains the wind speed values, binned by direction). Deriving it from the histogram also allows for more transparent about how calm hours are accounted for in calculating frequencies and averages.

Here’s an example of how you can use the “LB Deconstruct Matrix” to calculate mean wind speed, and direction frequency. Note that the “BANG!” component there is to explode GH trees, which you only need if you are generating more than one Windrose.

I can see why the Histogram has been implemented, it worked very well. Thanks for the clarification.