Windrose Compass curve export but failed to convert 3D text into curve or geometry

Hi Guys,

I am an Architectural Student and just done the windrose analysis. I wish to export the windrose diagram completely into Adobe Illustrator but I failed to bake the ‘compass’ into rhino. When I link it to curve or geometry, it just says failed to convert 3D text to curve. How do I bake that compass circle or even the whole windorse diagram into rhino?


Have you tried the Hatch component? It is the Ladybug tab, group 4 (Extra).

you mean the mesh to hatch? i tried, it only gave me the colored hatch. I wanted the compass with the texts

And what happens when you save that for Illustrator? I believe it brings the geometry you need.

Why not just bake the whole wind rose by right-clicking in the center of the wind rose component and selecting “Bake”?

Or, if you want to bake individual outputs, you should connect them to native Grasshopper Geometry Parameters and not Curve Parameters. Those should be able to accept the Text type.

Hi Chris,

It gives me super oversized texts, doesnt matter if I bake the whole windrose or “compass” as individual geometry, the texts are just super oversize, and after i clear the texts, I do see the compass curves but I lose the texts