WindRose error: "Index out of range"

Hello to everybody, when i try to use WindRose component i get this error:

“Runtime error (IndexOutOfRangeException): index out of range: 1”

I’ve 1.3.0 version.


Hi @borjarodi ,

I’m not able to recreate the error on my end. Can you upload the EPW that you’re using so that we can recreate it?

If I had to take a guess based on the screenshot, it seems like your EPW file contains no wind speed data (probably all wind speeds are 0). But it would be good to have the EPW file to confirm and, if I have it, I can ensure that the component gives a better error message for this case.

Thank you for your reply Chris,

I downloaded the EPW I am using from the following URL, it corresponds to the city of Madrid.


Thanks, @borjarodi ,

As expected, your EPW file doesn’t contain any meaningful wind data:

I’ll see if I can implement a better a better error on the Wind Rose component when this is the case.

I improved the error message that you get for this case in this PR:

Now the component will tell you why it cannot draw a wind rose for this case: