Wish! Change units and title HB color rooms

Hi @Chris,

The people at our office are quite fond of these sort of animations.


However we would like to be able to change easily the title and the units from [kWh/m2] to [W/m2].
Changing to [Wh/m2] is possible with the LBT unit component, but changing kWh/h to W is not.

Moreover it would be nice to have the possibility to add time, date and outside climate information based on the simulation step for these sort hour by hour visualisations.

Hey @Erikbeeren ,

Glad to hear people are liking your animations!

I’m not entirely sure that I understand your question but you can convert a data collection of Energy (kWh) into a data collection of power (kW) using the LB Time Rate of Change component. There’s also a component called LB Time Aggregate, which will do the inverse of converting from power to energy.

I believe that should give you everything that you need to get to where you want given that you’ve already found the “To Unit” component that will allow you to change the units within a given data type.

The time and date should already be appearing in the title of the visualization. You can always add more text into the Rhino scene using the native Grasshopper “TextTag 3D” component. I should have a video tutorial coming out shortly that shows how to do this specifically with a color rooms visualization.

Hi @Chris,

I did not had a notice of the LB Time Rate of Change component. Thank you for pointing this out.

You are right that time and date are already appearing in the title. I missed that one. Thought I put it myself there with the TextTag 3d. Nice that it is already there.

About changing the title and adding extra data next to the time data, I was thinking at something similar as the LB monthly chart component. There we have the ability to change the title.

Next to that it would save a lot of “spaghetti”, if the visualize data has an extra input for data showing in the title. In this way different data types can be shown together in one animation. For example operativ temperature as colored room, and cooling rate as text in the title. Or cooling rate as colored room and outside temperature as text. There are a lot of combinations possible which are realy meaningful.