WISH: Re Run OSM more inputs


Sorry for spamming around here. :slight_smile:

Im not posting that in the “Suggested Improvements for HVAC Templates”, cuz its more abstract what im asking, and not really related to HVAC only.
I generate OSM thru Honeybee, and then make some e.g. HVAC adjustments in the OS file, but I want to add some more details into my report, which I didnt generate before (Such as adding Solar Beam Energy, or changing run period, or changing energy simulation parameters)…

Is it possible to add to this node 3 more inputs:

  • Energy Sim Par
  • Simulation Oututs
  • Analysis Period

I am probably asking a crazy thing, cuz in my imagination, I am asking to rerun OSM file, then add other parameter and then rerun it again? Or maybe it can work as a measure-like parameter before it runs the already created OSM file?

Also, adding shader (or HB Context) to an existing and modified OSM model would be great, because for now im using the SHADERADE method to see the difference of shading in already pre-run simulation out of modified OSM file.

I believe, users would modify the OSM file for HVAC and construction purposes mostly. So maybe instead of adding an infinite amount of possible inputs, it is possible to extract the Ruby code from the modified OSM file and then assign it to the “Export to Open Studio”? Just a thought…

Thank you :slight_smile: