WISH: Schedule Creation

Hi Mostapha and Co.

I may be missing discussions, as they are increasing exponentially these days, but I was wondering if there is a quicker more customised way in creating schedules? I notice that in the OpenStudio template master file for Honeybee, all the building programs’ schedules are created for daily, interval, etc.

Is there a way we could include some form of creating a schedule quickly like the way we can create constructions quickly? Currently I have this workflow set up in my tutorials

However, it can be confusing for new users to create schedules for certain hours and creating schedules that need to vary for the holidays or certain months of the year can be a frustrating process to manually create within grasshopper.

Open to discussion on the topic



Hi Elzine

You could find something about your wish in this discussion:


Please, let me know what do you think about.



I think Antonello is addressing this issue. My only suggestion is to always use 3D Chart to check if the schedule looks as expected.