Wooden slats ceiling

Hello everyone!
I am currently working in my master thesis, It is a study case in Madrid, more precisely about an office building, quite a complex building.

The floor I am going to further analyze has a wooden slats ceiling, I have modeled it myself but every time I run a simulation It requires one or two days at least, even with the lowest quality. I wonder if there is any other way to mimic the effect that these features have on the overall daylight performance. See the attached image to support what I am talking about.

I would very much appreciate any kind of hint about it.

Hi @Julioamodia89,
I think if you simplify the model by replacing slats with one surface with a certain amount of light transmittance according to the number and total area of slats in a certain unit of surface area.
But before that, you need to find the right amount of transmittance by reviewing the literature or conducting field measurement.

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Hi @Nimafo,

Thanks for the hint. I had thought about the trans material, but I am not sure if it would retrieve acceptable results and I have no idea how to measure the transmittance in this case.


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