Workflow for feeding space enclosed by curved canopy into HoneyBee

I am trying to model a rectangulare space covered by a wavy roof canopy. Specifically, HoneyBee struggles planarising that through its (I guess) triangulation algorithm.

Building the thermal zone through HB Faces → HB Room results in a number of gaps which prevent from running a thermal analysis and seem to corrupt the daylight figures too.
Using a HB Room from Solid, having previously joined the breps, gives better results.

What simplification / meshification procedure would you suggest, to simplify the curved surface prior to feeding it into HB? I am looking for something that could allow the big space to be sliced vertically (to create thermal zoning through airwalls) as well as a roof tessellation that could allow individual faces to be passed as HB apertures (ie rooflights) but NOT using the SkylightsbyRatio component. (196.6 KB)

You can try to modify your roof surface with the panel tools from lunchbox.
Then join the surfaces with JoinBrep.