Workflow: Sketchup to Honeybee

I’d like to use HB to analyze Adaptive Comfort using an .osm file that was generated independently using Sketchup and OpenStudio. Is there a workflow that will allow me to bring in my OpenStudio file and use it? Seems like I should be able to point the _resultFileAddress to the .csv file generated using OpenStudio but I just get the error that ‘No surface information was found in the imported .eio file adjacent to the .csv file _resultFileAddress.’ Are there steps I need to take to make this workflow work or is that just wishful thinking?

In the development version of the LBT plugin, there’s a component to import .osm models to Honeybee:

It’s primarily meant to import gbXML files but it can be used to import OSM and IDF as well. You can install the development version of the LBT plugin using the “LB Versioner” or you can just wait until we release LBT 1.3.0 in a month or so.