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Hi! I’m new here and that’s my first post so hello to everyone! I hope I chose the right category… Anyway, I’d like to ask you if any of you have a workflow while working in ArchiCAD with Live Connection to Grasshopper. I tried to find similar post but the closest question was in terms of Revit. I’d like to ask you what you do or what would be the best way to work with those two fantastic apps.
For example, I’ve created a simple one-family building, all bim-ready so with all the necessary information included and now I want to analyze it with Honeybee, or to try some sollutions with butterfly. Do I have to remodel a basic model in rhino? Is it possible to export-import it somehow? Or at least some parts of it? For example I’d make some 3d zones inside ArchiCAD, all “connected” to each other, trimmed to roof and so on and then export it to Rhino to “polish” it later? And how does it look with glazing? Can I use somehow windows created in ArchiCAD or do I have to create in once again using Honeybee and then do the simulation?
I’m new in this field but I’m really excited about the possibilities! At the end - thank you guys for such great work! Ladybug is the best bug! :wink:


Hi @Avik,

It should be totally possible but how much work it needs depends on how the data is transferred to Grasshopper.

If it’s only geometry then you have to reassign the data (e.g. materials for daylight simulation, constructions and schedules for energy simulation).

In case you get an object with data attached then it will take a script to access the data and create a Honeybee zone from each ArchiCAD zone. This is the ideal workflow and if we can manage this to happen then you can have your live integration.

In both cases you should not be remodeling the geometry of your model for each analysis. To me that’s the minimum that a BIM workflow should support.

I have not used the plugin and I don’t have a copy of ArchiCAD to test it but I will send a note to ArchiCAD people to join the conversation here and we will see what will be the best solution.

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I’d so happy if true live connection would be possible. It’d be much easier to use. I’m looking forward to hear if someone already succesfully tried it and if so - how. Also, thanks for help and so quick reply.

Guys? Don’t you have anything?

I emailed to a number of people from Graphisoft whom I had their email with a link to this discussion. I guess we don’t have enough ArchiCAD users here. You might have a better chance to get more ArchiCAD users to reply to this question if you post this question on Mcneel’s forum. Feel free to mention me in your topic so I can also see the replies and get involved if neccassary.

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I’m also new to LB+HB and we are working with archicad. You might have already figured it out by now but I will give you my first findings on a workflow. I haven’t tried the grasshopper connection yet.

So I export my archicad projects as .3dm files and they are converted to blocks once imported into Rhino. From there I do following steps to prepare the geometry:

  • explode all blocks which turns into meshes
  • turn meshes to nurbs which turns into polysurfaces
  • explode polysurfaces
  • Delete half of the surfaces of all windows (as they will consist of two surfaces)

After these steps I have a functional model that I can use to assign the BREPS to materials in grasshopper.

Looking forward to learn more about the HB daylight analysis’.

Thank you for posting your comments.The draw-back about this method is whenever you make a change in your ArchiCAD model you have to export the .3dm file manually. Also you have to reassign all the meta data which are not coming with the geometry.
If the grasshopper connection provides Objects with meta data then that can make the whole process much easier and make the connection somewhat live.

Hi @mostapha and @Astaahl, maybe can provide a solution. Tough there is a payment involved …
-A. RIP!

You can’t blink for a second …
Curious what they will bring by mid year.

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I completely agree. I will try that when the connection is updated. At the moment it is not up to date with latest archicad builds.

Hi all,

I allow myself to update this discussion because i am interesting to know more about the working process between ArchiCAD and Grasshopper. Did you find a way to export 3D information from ArchiCAD to Grasshopper with the Grasshopper connection?

Best regards,


Yes! Take a look at this

and this

If you have any specific questions, go ahead. :wink:

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Hi Avik,

Thanks for your quick reply, I’ll check this out today and probably come back to you during the week with some questions :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


Hello Guys,
I am Akos Karoczkai from the GRAPHISOFT HQ in Budapest and I’ll try to answer your questions regarding the workflows and collaboration between ARCHICAD-Grasshopper and LB-HB.

I’ve already posted some stuff here. Let’s continue the discussion there!