Write to excel component fail with octopus optimization results

Hi everyone,

I tried a multi-objective optimization with some values to look at octopus. Before i started as i read i connect to data recorder to octopus phenotype. Then i connected it to write to excel component. But when i turn toggle to true some excel sheet opens but its always empty. Even i changed the data.

Do you have any idea what is the problem?
Am i using the component incorrectly? I am not sure how to use data recorder and write to excel!

I attached some images and my files

thank you very much

singleapartment.3dmbak (691.7 KB) sunshaders1_optimizationdeneme1.gh (1.1 MB)

WriteToExcel is not a Ladybug Tools component. You should probably try the Mcneel forum and also clarify the plugin. There are a couple of different Excel writer components from different plugins. Which one are you using?

hi @mostapha I am using the one with TT Toolbox. I will give it a try for Mcneel forum. Thank you very much