writeTHERM file name?

Hi all,

I have been trying to use the THERM components in the standard (not +) honeybee library. I think I mostly have it working correcly but I’m wondering about one thing:

When I run the ‘writeTHERM’ component (Ver. 0.0.63 | July 11, 2018), it seems to work but it creates two files (one the usual THERM .THM file and the other a .THMX) but seems to create them with the last character from the name dropped for some reason? If I then try and plug the file name output from the ‘writeTHERM’ into the ‘uFactorFile’ input on the ‘readTHERM’ component it doesn’t seem able to find the right file.

If I use a panel to input the actual file name (with the last character dropped) it seems to work ok though. Seems like this might just be an error? Wondering if its done on purpose though to create a duplicate file or something like that?

  1. Typical configuration:

  2. Modified Configuration with file path typed in (droping last char)

Fore reference, this is the folder and file set created by the ‘writeTHERM’ component:

I’ve also attached the .gh file here just in case its useful as reference.


Therm Example [Internalized].gh (518.7 KB)

honeybee_ThermExample Files.zip (219.4 KB)

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@edpmay ,
This seems like a bug and I’ll check it out soon. Can I ask what version of Therm you have installed on your system?

Hi Chris, yes for sure - this was all on a system using:

  • THERM (11/15/17)
  • Rhino V5 SR13 64-bit (5.13.60913.21340, 09/13/2016)
  • Grasshopper 0.9.0076


@edpmay ,

This is a very weird issue. I have realized that, if I call your file literally any name that does not end with ‘T’, the uFactors appear correctly as they should and there’s no abridged version of the file name written. The issue only seems to happen when you have a therm file name that ends with ‘T.’

I have scoured the Honeybee code and I can’t see any part of it that is responsible for it. Perhaps it’s an issue within THERM?

Looking deeper, the issue seems to happen any time the file name ends in a ‘T’ and ‘H’ and ‘M’ or an ‘X’. I feel it’s likely a bug in the way that THERM CLI is identifying the .thmx file extension. Perhaps it’s incorrectly trying to change a .thmx file to a .thm file and that is why it is getting rid of the last character in the name. I’ll report the issue on their forum when I get the chance.

In the meantime, if you steer clear of file names that end in these characters, things should work as expected.

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ha - thats a real weird one! thanks so much for looking at it. That workaround certainly seems easy enough though.