Writing IDF files with HB 1.2.0

Hi there,
I am not sure if this has been raised before, but it seems to me that there does not seem to be a way to write idf files with HB v1.2.0 without running an e+ simulations as well.

The ModeltoOSM component only writes 2 json files into the OpenStudio subfolder, with HB Model name and input simulation parameters. It does not write neither an osm file nor an idf file.
The RunOSM component, which could run the translation, also requires an osm input file, so that does not appear to be a solution.

This appears to me to be the only way to run parallel simulations, which is kind of essential to run large-scale parametric studies. Any idea on how that can be achieved?


Try to input a value of 2 in the run input (instead of the toggle boolean).


Hi @AbrahamYezioro,

I’m running into a problem that appears to be exactly what @andrea.botti described, however inputting “2” into the “Run” input doesn’t solve it for me.

Maybe I misunderstood Andrea’s question, but what I’m after is to get an IDF file without running the simulation. This used to be possible with the Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation component:

…but it does not work using the HB Model to OSM component from V1 (nor did it work with the Legacy Honeybee_Export to OpenStudio component):

Instead, I have to run the simulation before an IDF is created.

Is there a way around this?

Hi @MaxMarschall,
Setting the input run to 2 is working for me to just write the files without really running the simulation:

What i don’t see in your above image is this setting. The run is input is not connected to anything. Can be?
Check the hint of the run. I’m sure there is a misunderstanding, since it should work … and works for me.


That’s so strange, it seemed yesterday like the “2” was causing the component to run the whole simulation but now it only takes 30s. Thanks!

The confusion might have come from the fact that you still get a batch window popping up when all you are doing is translating the Model from Honeybee into OSM/IDF. This is because we use OpenStudio CLI (along with a custom measure that we wrote) in order to translate from Honeybee world into OSM/IDF. If you really needed something fast and you don’t have any detailed HVAC in your model, you can also use the honeybee-energy model-to-idf command that underlies components like the “HB Annual Loads” component.


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