Write Radiance file without running it?

Is it possible to have Radiance components (e.g. Annual Daylight recipe) write Radiance input files without running the simulation?

With OpenStudio, we can choose to write and run separately:

Not so with Radiance it seems:

The reason I think this functionality might help me is because I’ll soon need to run a large number of simulations. I would like to outsource this to another computer at the office that has Radiance but not Rh/Gh. I.e., I would like to parametrically create all the input files from my computer, then figure out a way to batch-run them all on the other computer.

Hey @MaxMarschall ,

There’s already a workflow for this, though I realize that it’s different than the energy simulation workflow. If you use the HB Model to Rad Folder component, you can write out all of the Radiance files from a Honeybee Model. Then, if you later decide that you want to simulate these Radiance files on another machine, you can zip up that Model folder, send it to that machine, unzip it, and plug the path to the folder directly into the Radiance recipe.

All of the Radiance recipes in the latest development version of the LBT plugin accept the Radiance folder input (as do recipes run from command line with lbt-recipes run). I think the recipes may even accept the zipped model folder directly but I haven’t tested this yet.