Wrong/correct shapes of the surfaces

Hi everybody,

i have got a question regarding the type of surfaces which i think create some problem for the simulation.

As you can see from the image below (sorry for the italian names) there are two different types of planar surfaces:

1 - the surface in which all the segments are into the geometry

2 - the surface in which not all the segments are into the geometry

This second one is the one that i think it is creating me a lot of troubles.

Indeed, looking at my workflow in gh, even though i have a closed zone (from the component create HB zone) the simulation continuosly crashes with thousands of errors that i really don´t understand, like “surface non-planar” (which is impossible because i have checked through the label zone surfaces component and all are planar).

So my question are: am i right regarding this kind of issues due to the shape of the geometry? is it possible?

In that case, is there a way in gh/rhino to “explode the surfaces” to create correct shapes for the simulation?

Thanks a lot in advance


Hi Claudia,

Hard to say without the real model.

But in case you want to try, break the floor and ceiling into two surfaces.