Wrong output values for Daylight Autonomy simulation

Hi everyone,

my colleagues and I tried to run a daylight autonomy simulation in a shoe box shape room and it worked…

Now that we are applying the same script to a bigger scale building, composed of more complex geometries, nothing works anymore and the output is weird: every test point has the same value (97% DA) and it’s impossible to visualize these values even if a text tag 3D is assigned to points (check Result.jpg)

The output that we get is a uniform mesh.

To check this output we also run an illuminance analysis using the same test surface, giving 300lux as high and low bound and some areas didn’t reach the target value - which means that there must be some areas below that threshold.

Another thing: as you can see from Screenshot.jpg at one point we get the string saying *.dgp not found. Is that a problem?

Attached you can find the Grasshopper file.

Thank you all!


Daylight Autonomy Simulation.gh (755 KB)

I haven’t checked the file but based on your results it looks like all the points are outdoor under the sky. Are you connecting the geometries to the component?

You can disregard the dgp warning. It is because you are not running and annual glare analysis in your case.

Hi Mostapha,

thank you for your prompt reply as always.

I just checked the HBO and they are all well connected, but still the result is 97%.

On what does it depend according to you?

Thank you again,


Hi Simone, This was a bug for rotating test points for annual analysis. It’s fixed now. Check the attached file for an updated version of your file.

DaylightAutonomySimulation_msr.gh (768 KB)