Wrong radiation results

hello, i have a problem in my radiation analysis results, the results shows that among summer months the facade which gains the most radiation is the west facing facade of the building not the south?!,so , i have done the simulation with two methods and getting the same results each time ,
the analysis is for hot arid climate area form may to septemper.
i am not sure what am i doing wrong? and why i am getting this result as i thought the result should be the south facade EGY_Helwan.623780_ETMY.zip (173.4 KB) radiatin analysis test.gh (520.5 KB)

thanks alot

choose a value for grid size.

as i found a solution,choosing a specific day for simulating the result doesnt really represent an accurate result ,for summer the angle of the sun in the 1 st august makes the west facade gains more than the south facade
for the whole year calculations the results is okay and the south facade gains the most radiation.