Wrong UTCI output

I’m a new user on Rhino/Grasshopper etc. I’ve tried the simple UTCI calculation example file from hydra: http://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/viewer?owner=chriswmackey&fork=hydra_2&id=Urban_Microclimate_-_Simple_Spatial_UTCI&slide=0&scale=8&offset=-2962.6158332386294,-1736.7221487615252

I adjusted it to my Rhino file and set downloaded the epw and stat file for Copenhagen from Energyplus and set the time period to be September 21 at 8-20, but the output seem off. The analysis sets the temperatur to be around -5 - -10 degrees Celsius which doesn’t agree with the average temperature to be around 10-15 degrees Celcius.

I tried to run the analysis for the standard time period “ExtremeHotWeek” ass well where the output doesn’t seem to be extreme hot being around 17-18 degrees Celcius.

I don’t believe the UTCI to be that much lower. What have I done wrong?

All help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Welcome to the discourse.
Try to flip the analysis surface. I suspect the normal direction is pointing down.

I’ve already tried that. All surfaces is pointing the right way. But thanks.

You were mixing different analysis periods: Extrem hot week and other period defined by you sometime in september.
See attached for a working version using the extreme hot week consistently.
Also define better the range of the legend.

Urban_Microclimate_-_Simple_Spatial_UTCI_AY.gh (476.2 KB)

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