_z_dim number slider

Hi there. I am a new user, following the tutorial in this playlist: Weather Data Visualization - YouTube

In the Hourly and Monthly Chart video, I found problems with the number slider at 5:15. If I try to resize using the slider by attaching to either _x or _y_dim then the chart disappears. If I connect the slider to only the _z_dim then it does nothing in any of the 4 default views in Rhino 7. Any advice for a newbie?


Hi @Geo_curious ,

What are your Rhino model units? The HourlyPlot component will interpret any number that you put into it as Rhino model units. I imagine that they are supposed to be meters for that tutorial if you’re plugging in values between 1 and 10. If your Rhino model units are millimeters, than the chart is going to be so small that you don’t see it when you plug in a number like that.