Zero results for window group with two window group states

Hi all,

I am trying to run a three phase annual simulation importing my own radiance files and creating one honeybee window group with two bsdf’s However, once I run the simulation and check the result files for the different window bsdf’s the results for each hour and points are zero.

I tried running the simulation again with another two buildings that each had two sets of windows. I then applied two bsdf files to each set of windows. This time when the simulation was run the results for the first set of windows was zero, but the second set had results.

I have tried using different bsdf files (from the Honeybee plus sample file) and still end up with the same outcome.

I have created two random breps above the simulation scene to create a honeybee window surface and honeybee surface. This is to prevent the oconv: warnings that appear as the building geometry is imported using the radscene component. (I am not sure whether this is an appropriate way to remedy these warning, or whether these warnings affect the simulation)

I am unsure why I am getting zero’s in the results. Could this be because of the order in which components are connected? Any help is greatly appreciated.

If this is the incorrect method of sharing the associated files please let me know.

Grasshopper file: (510.6 KB)

Associated files:
material_detailed.rad (11.4 KB)
detailed_rotated_noglazing.rad (47.1 KB)
detailed_rotated_withglazing.rad (48.4 KB)
workplane_rotated.pts (31.1 KB)
closed.xml (786.3 KB)
open.xml (807.3 KB)
USA_NY_New.York-LaGuardia.AP.725030_TMY.epw (1.6 MB)

The overall workflow sounds correct. That is how I would approach debugging this problem.

  1. Check the normal direction of the windows. Are they looking outwards? Honeybee[+] flips the windows during the simulation and you need to start with the windows looking outwards.
  2. Put a pause at the end of the batch file and see if there is any errors during the process?
  3. Is the radiance parameters set correctly for your case?

Also I see the second xml file is called closed. Does it mean that it fully blocks the light? Then the values of 0 makes sense.

Finally, it will be easier to check the files if you share them as a zipped file.

Thanks Mostapha, the issue was the the windows were not in the normal direction like you said. This simulation is running smoothly now.