Zone Minimum Air Flow Method Schedule

I am trying to schedule the zone minimum air flow… There is an input to allow me to change the method to schedule, but even though the note says that I can enter the schedule name in the field below, I see no such input. Where can I define the schedule name?

For now, all schedule related settings have been filtered out, as currently it is not easy to create schedule with minimum steps. But this is on my to-do list.

Back to your question specifically.
Al input parameter descriptions are directly from EnergyPlus Input and Output Reference. Some settings might be adjusted in OpenStudio or Ironbug. Since we cannot set the schedule as input for now, “Scheduled” as input value won’t work correctly. unless you want to set that schedule in OpenStudio App.

Hi @Elliot_Glassman

I have got schedules work in Ironbug. Please install the
Ironbug V0.0.10 with this package Ironbug_update (237.1 KB)

Example: (24.5 KB)

Awesome thanks.

The Schedule component in the file you sent (l) has different inputs than when I drag a new component to the canvas ®:

I also got an IO error when I tried to open the file. Any ideas why that is?

That seems you forgot to update the Ironbug to v0.0.10.1 (I attached the package)
Unlock the zip file??

I thought I had but I tried again and it worked.

A follow up question… I am applying a schedule to the Air loops like so:

When I look at the three air loops this generates in OS, the schedule is applied to the first loop and the other two loops get schedules with the same name but loop appended with 1, and 2. The alternate schedules do not get the values of the original schedule I am assigning though.

Original schedules:


Schedule copies:


Any idea why the schedule values I am specifying are not making it to the schedules on the other loops?

@Elliot_Glassman I think you just find a bug that schedule is not working correctly when it is duplicated.

please download this update package for this fix, and let me know if you have any questions. (58.7 KB)
(note: unlock the zip file before unzipping it)