Zone name management of large buildings (on Mac)

Hi everyone, I am having trouble finding a workable solution which allows me to custom name and organize zones in large building with 300+ (and often 500+) zones.

  • I tried to implement @MingboPeng solution [Customized bldgProgram & zoneProgram lists] but was not able to get Ironbug installed on Mac and having 300+ (and even 500+) layers in Rhino seems excessive.

  • I also noticed that every time something in the model/workflow changes, Room Identifier changes as well, so I am not able to create some sort of name mapping

  • I need to be able to name or “tag” zones with individual names which I can then use to assign programs and internal loads, as well as review individual Cooling and Heating loads after running the simulation

For example, in a high-rise residential building, if I assigned all bedrooms to a single layer (and program), how do I later differentiate which apartment those bedrooms belong to? Is there a way an additional way to “tag” apartment or group? And floor?

Thank you!

Hi Eugene,
Check out the attached file.
This is a Python script that creates an array of names depending on the number of apartments and number of bedrooms inside each apartment. You can modify it to match the number of breps in each layer.

Rooms (12.9 KB)

In several cases we have used Human’s plugin to load the geometries by layer and then automate the naming process based on that. The component gives you access to both layers and sublayers.

@fadysherif thank you for the script. How would I assign specific apartment to specific rooms?

@mostapha would you be able to share an example of a workflow using Human plugin?

@eugene_s I can have a look at your model or an example of how you are modeling the rooms to help you more.

@fadysherif here is sample of floor from a 45 story tower. I have 5 types of spaces here:

  • Living Rooms*
  • Master Bedrooms*
  • Bedrooms*
  • Public Corridors
  • Unconditioned spaces (elev shafts, stairs, etc.)

Rooms with (*) need to have specific names which refer to specific apartments and floors. (32.4 KB)

@eugene_s Check out the attached file.
I made a simple model consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms (You can modify and add spaces with the same pattern, then merge all rooms as 1 floor or apartment.

I have some recommendations for creating a clean energy model:

  1. Create the rooms by a closed curve for each room then extrude it and cap the output (As in the file)
  2. Group spaces with the same name and input in “HB Room from Solid”
  3. You can’t use normal transform components of Grasshopper for the HB objects, you have to use HB Move, HB Rotate, etc. (43.0 KB)

@fadysherif thank you. This is very helpful and I will explore this further.

Have you worked with Human plugin like @mostapha suggested? I wonder if paring your suggestion with Human utilizing Rhino layers will supercharge this process.

Hi @eugene_s
No, I didn’t try it. I think it would work with this workflow in the first part of defining the room’s outline. I may have a look at it.