Zones names within HB_Item Selector?

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to make HB_itemSelector component reads the assigned zones names? and not as “Closed Brep”?

please see image below


You can use this workflow:


Awesome, thanks! That’s a great way of checking which zones are what, but I was asking if there is a way we can get the names directly inside the item selector as a list, instead of comparing the names using the labeling component?

I think that would be easier to the user to understand the order of zones results throughout the simulations.

Especially that in my case, the order of zones changes after I assign glazing to the zones!
I don’t understand why. Please, check item selectors highlighted in blue in the attached file.

Ask about zones (591.1 KB)

It depends on what you connect to the item selector.
The HBZones output gives you a geometry property and type (Closed/open brep for instance). It doesn’t contain the name.
As a change to my workflow you can connect the HBZones output to the ZoneAttributes with the attribute input set to Name. Then connect the item selector to the zoneTxtLabels output.

Ok, got it. Thank you.
I would appreciate it if you could check my file in the previous reply and may be you can tell why the order is changing?

Can you explain what the problem is?
The order of the zones/names is preserved here. See:


If you check the order here (as shown in the image), after adding the glazing. The zones order changes. I think this is happening because of the solve adjacencies that were based on floors. The problem is that the change of order is confusing me when I process the energy (cooling/heating) results. I am not sure which order (before or after solve adjacencies) is taken into the energy simulation.

You should take the names AFTER all the definitions are set, including the adjacencies.
As a way to check, after simulation, you can visualize the zones results and confirm.