3-phase method example file - Direction of windows

Dear @Sarith,

in your tutorial for the Three-phaseMethod you mention the following:

in the example III of the threephasedmethod in HB+ the windows are as follow:

It is working in any case but when would this cause issues?

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well… read the Grasshopper notes and found the answer:

We are adding two window groups for
this study. The skylight is its own window group
which is not dynamic but we’re interested
to study its contribution separately.
South window is the other window group
which has two states: 1. clear, 2. diffuse50

Ensure that window groups are facing outwards.
Honeybee flips the surfaces for view
matrix calculation internally.

Window groups are under ./scene/wgroup

In honeybee the concept of window group is more flexible than window group in Radiance documents. I’m currently renaming them to sources (short for light sources) to make this more obvious.

As you noted above Honeybee keeps the windows looking outwards which is what we need for energy simulation. It then creates a separate file for each window group/light-source for each state and calculates the view and sky matrices for each of them separately. That’s when it flips the direction of the surfaces. You can find them under wgroup folder.

PS: I started this page to clarify the structure of the folder for honeybee[+] daylight simulation. It’s still a work in progress but might be helpful in your case.


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