3-phase method for windows inside atrium with multiple xmls


Dear @sarith,

In the case of a room with windows within a glazed atrium, would the 3-phase method be suitable ? If I were to assess the atrium top glazing with several xml and the room window with several xml as well.

Would there be a View and Transmission matrix within another View matrix for the same Daylight matrix?

Would it be better to divide the simulation into as many xmls I shall assess for the atrium top glazing, meaning:

Simulation 1 : Atrium xml 1—> room xml 1, 2, 3
Simulation 2 : Atrium xml 2—> room xml 1,2,3

instead of

Atrium xml 1, 2 —> room xml 1,2,3

Kind regards,


This case is similar to a light-pipe when you want to calculate atrium to be its own matrix when the roof surface is the sender and the window is the receiver. We haven’t exposed this intermediate level of calculation in Honeybee recipes but you can use the API to create your own component or modify the commands to add this extra step to your calculation.

I remember @sarith once did some studies for light-pipes but I’m not sure if the code is on GitHub.


@OlivierDambron, +1 to what @mostapha said about a separate matrix for atrium. Unless you are doing a Daylight Factor only study, I’d suggest doing a 5-Phase simulation instead of a 3-Phase simulation.