A question about the independent control of three windows with multiple states

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As the picture shows, if the build has 3 windows ,and I want to control every window independently base on the csv schedule ,so how to set it.

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there are several posts worth reading in the forum about the states, they will help you get an overview of the questions asked.

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Hi everyone, A couple questions using HB+, 5 phase, daylight simulation only. I plan on running a simple room with a single window with a Mechoshade roller shade type system. I’d like to study the impact of a mecho shade type woven fabric coming down either 1/4 glazing height, 1/2 down, 3/4 down, full down. is there a library of BSDF files that have a mechoshade type system already that I can reference? can I use WINDOWS7 to model just the woven fabric as a BSDF? or would I need to model a f…

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Thanks for this @Mostapha. I made a quick test and indeed I get some weird results. Here is an example file testing two glazing properties (clear and diffuse) based on direct normal illuminance in the epw. I can’t see any assymetry at all on the test surfaces and the results are the same for state 0 (clear) and 1(diffuse) of the roof glazing. The interior windows are a basic clear glass but not in a specific window group so I leave them at state 0. Does this look normal to you ? Current ver…

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Hi everyone I have a question about one window group with multiple states. I want to know if it is right about my method. [image] .Does this mean there are 10 states? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,respectively. If I am wrong ,Could you tell me how I can correct it ? I will appreciate you.

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Hi all, I’m attempting to run a 5-phase daylight study using HoneyBee+. I only have one Window Group as I only have one facade with a single window. My hope is to run that glass at multiple VLTs to replicate electrochromatic glass. I have used a sample file to test my geometry and work flow, using Mostapha’s example with BSDF materials for that window group. I would like to simply use a RadGlassMaterial instead of the BSDF material, to define the ‘States’. Does one have to use BSDF materials…

bottom line, the structure of the blind states input needs to be as long as the number of HOYS that are computed with :
hoy0 - (state0 of static windows, stateX of window group 1, stateX of window group2)
hoy1 - (state0 of static windows, stateX of window group 1, stateX of window group2)
hoy2 - (state0 of static windows, stateX of window group 1, stateX of window group2)

Hi,Olivier,thanks for your recommendation,but,there are differences between mine and those,the problenm of me is how to control every window independently and simultaneously with 4 states

@ mostapha @ chris
I want to simulate an office with 3 EC(electrochromic) windows(4 states,full tint,3/4 tint,1/2 tint,and clear ) and every window changes the state independently,are there is a good way to realize it.
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