3-phase method for windows inside atrium with multiple xmls

Thanks for this @Mostapha.
I made a quick test and indeed I get some weird results. Here is an example file testing two glazing properties (clear and diffuse) based on direct normal illuminance in the epw.

I can’t see any assymetry at all on the test surfaces and the results are the same for state 0 (clear) and 1(diffuse) of the roof glazing. The interior windows are a basic clear glass but not in a specific window group so I leave them at state 0.

Does this look normal to you ?

Current version of Honeybee[+] won’t be able to handle interior windows

Is that true for the daylight coefficient method (annual daylight) too ?
Would you recommend running the 2 cases separately (clear and diffuse) with DC and rebuild the results in post-processing (extract the results with clear glass on cloudy hours and the results with diffuse glass on sunny hours) ?

Many thanks,


20180717_3p_ALJ_blindstates_v0.gh (499.4 KB)